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We believe the next step in the women's empowerment movement is entrepreneurship. 


To feel good and do good while making money!


It's easier now than ever before to start and scale your own business to create the lifestyle that you want while also making a difference. 


In this series, 100 women entrepreneurs come together to pull back the curtain on their businesses and share with you 100 ways they have created success in their space, so you can too!


The power of women coming together changes the world!


With the power of 100+ women joined together to back you up, you've got this!


We've got you! 


Just one of their stories could change your life!​





"Show Up, Reach Out, and Thrive!"


Karen Eischen and Mel Perry are empowered leadership coaches, business visibility strategists, and founders of Envision Joy Today.


Together as a dynamic Mom and daughter team, Karen and Mel support women on the rise to breakthrough what’s been holding them back, stuck, and stressed and to confidently
step into their next level of success and visibility as radiant and vibrant leaders so they can scale their impact and income with ease and joy while creating their legacy and living the life of their dreams.

It’s never too late to create and expand the life of your dreams, set your sights high and don’t
settle for the status quo.

🔐 We value your privacy and would never spam you.  

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